2023-24 Sports and Intramurals

NEW ACTIVITIES for the 2023-24 school year

 Sport  Coaching Staff
 Softball  Head Coach: Tammy Eaker            Assistant Coach: Alexa Van Beek
 Baseball  Head Coach: Brad Meyer               Assistant Coach:  Bryan Milburn
 Cross Country  Coaches: Vanessa Mayster, Rob Taylor, and Cory Vallow
 7th Grade Girls Basketball  Head Coach: Candice Irons            Assistant Coach:  Jose Villegas
 8th Grade Girls Basketball  Head Coach: Harold Triche            Assistant Coach: Arriyon Phillips
 Intramural Flag Football  Coach: David Chapman
 Intramural Kickball  Coach: Amy Bobb


 Sport  Coaching Staff
 Cheerleading  Head Coach: Shania Jolly
 7th Grade Boys Basketball  Head Coach: Nick Steele     Assistant Coach: Ariel Henry
 8th Grade Boys Basketball  Head Coach: Katie Reutter   Assistant Coach: James Morgan
 7th Grade Boys Volleyball  Head Coach: Hanni Reutter
 8th Grade Boys Volleyball  Head Coach: Scott Coppens
 7th Grade Girls Volleyball  Head Coach: Amy Bobb
 8th Grade Girls Volleyball  Head Coach: Tracy Simmonds
 Chess  Head Coach: Lisa Witt
 Scholastic Bowl  Head Coach: Valerie Heywood
 Intramural Yoga  Coach: Vanessa Mayster
 Intramural Book Club  Coach: Sarah Tedeschi
 Intramural D&D Board Games  Coach: Jay Tunzi
 Intramural Guitar  Coach: Charles Simmons
 Intramural E-games  Coach: Johnny Orozco


 Sport  Coaches
 Track and Field               

 Coaches: Michael Deltgen, Vanessa Mayster, Sarah Gavin, Samantha Wilson, Kevin Nash

 Intramural Soccer Amy Bobb and Scott Coppens
 Intramural Flag Football  David Chapman