Student Activities

All of the schools in the Crete-Monee School District provide activities for students that create opportunities for personal growth, academic development, creativity, and fun! Many student activities take place within the classroom and also after school. These may be in the form of classroom projects, extra-curricular clubs and activities, athletics, or family events. District 201-U offers students a wide range of activities to participate in that are guaranteed to provide a positive and rewarding experience for all.

Many of our schools have after-school clubs and activities that promote team work, self-discipline, goal setting, and responsibility. Throughout the year, the schools also host many family friendly events such as Literacy Night, family reading nights, seasonal parties, athletic nights, and more! These events are great ways to stay involved in your child's educational experience.

 Activity  Sponsor(s)
 Show Choir  Karmen DePriest
 Band  Tyler Guenther
 Jazz Band  Tyler Guenther
 8th Grade IMSA  Lisa Witt, Rob Taylor
 7th Grade IMSA  Lisa Witt, Lisa Teslow
 6th Grade IMSA  Susan Akstins
Fall and Spring Play                                Laura Franklin, Pam Koehn
 Scholastic Bowl  Valerie Heywood
 E-Journalism  Kimberly Moore
 Spanish Club  Sarah Haddad, Yekaterina Pogrebitskaya                                        
 Chess Club  Lisa Witt
 Math Club  Carrie Dragovic
 Book Club  Nancy Petro, Michelle Kelly
 Design Club  Alexa Van Beek
 Art Club  Linda Johnson