MSI Recognizes CMMS Teachers

MSI Recognizes CMMS Teachers
Posted on 05/08/2019
MSI Science Leadership Initiative Team
On Tuesday, May 7 the Museum of Science and Industry held a recognition night to celebrate participants' achievements in making science programming a priority in their schools. The program is a three year commitment to honestly reflect on various science indicators, create action plans to improve in various areas, and then carry out those actions. This year there were 41 schools that participated in the program ranging from Year 1 Schools to Year 3 Schools. Crete-Monee Middle School completed its third year of participation and was recognized as a School of Excellence.  The cross-disciplinary team started this experience in 2016 and during that time some points of pride are that they have increased the number of after school science club offerings, increased the number of STEM professionals present at Career Day, and worked on creating an NGSS-aligned Scope and Sequence for Grades 6-8.  While the team will continue to work on making science a priority, they have completed the program through the Museum.  Members of the cross-disciplinary team include:
Kristen Shreffler, Teacher-Leader and 8th Grade Science
Miranda Ryder, Math and Science Division Leader
Katie Bolster --> 7th Grade Special Education
Betsy Crawford --> 8th Grade Language and Literature
Kayla Madej --> 7th Grade Science
Lina Miller --> 8th Grade Mathematics
Tracy Simmonds --> 7th Grade Mathematics