6A Plum Creek Field Trip 10.1.19

Plum Creek Nature Center Field Trip by Brooke H.

6A students went on a field trip to Plum Creek Nature Center. There the students enjoyed seeing what they can find in the pond, exploring the plains, and learned lots about nature! The students also learned about the importance of keeping our water and land clean.  The students also had to walk many of the trails on Goodnow Grove. The kids were taken for a hike and found snakes and frogs in the forest. 6A students were taught about Goodnow Grove and how important it is for our economy. At Plum Creek Nature Center there were three animals and their name and the animal name sis Penny the Ball Polyten, Dani the Bearded Dragon, and the Eastern Turtle. 6A students learn about the world is ¾ ocean and ¼ land and we picyueven played a game about it. We learned out of all the water how much water we drink. We had a chat that if we're really quiet we can hear animals and see if we can find the animal that making the noise.We had to catch animals with a net and find out which animal it is and then we release the animal. 6A student touch items or saw picture and had to decide whether it from a reptile or amphibians.