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Crete-Monee High School Math Resource Links
Links prepared by our Division Leader, Sandra Lessentine

Classzone is a free resource provided by McDougal-Littell. On classzone you will find instructional materials, practice activities as well as other support resources. Click High School > Mathematics > Illinois > Go, then select our textbook.

The Hotmath website contains detailed, step-by-step solutions to the odd-numbered problems in our Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 textbooks. Login using the password: ca24122de (right hand side of the page.Click on “algebra 1”, “geometry”, or “algebra 2” (top of the page). Find your textbook and click on its picture. Login using the password: ca24122de (right hand side of the page) Click on “algebra 1”, “geometry”, or “algebra 2” (top of the page).Click on the number of the problem in question. Hotmath will then show you the solution to the problem one step at a time. Keep clicking on the next step button until the problem is completely solved.

It is important that you have your book with you when you access Hotmath because the website is unable to show you the original problem from the book. Legally, they can only show you the solution.


Plotting Points

Order of Operations

Combing Like Terms


Solving 1-Step Equations

Solving 2-Step Equations

Solving Inequalities

Solving Multi-Step Equations