8th Grade Language and Literature

Open BookThis course is the foundation for high school language arts courses. Thematic units have been conceived at a level of detail that will support meaningful diagnostic assessments and effective instruction. Reading instruction will draw on prior knowledge and analytical skills.Comprehension will be monitored as students connect to text. Writing pieces will be assigned and assessed. Students will apply their comprehension to texts through writing reader responses.

Reading units will focus on the concept of challenge. What kinds of challenges do students face in school and their lives? What kinds of challenges have other people faced, and what were the consequences? Challenge can mean both limitation and opportunity. Students face barriers, as well as opportunities in their personal, academic, athletic, social, and physical lives. Building onto the concept of challenge, students will also be asked to apply the idea of heroes to our texts. What determines a person as heroic? What types of character traits to heroes possess, and are those traits situational?

Y3 L&L Syllabus