Red Ribbon Week

Youth can POSITIVELY influence and encourage each other to stay mentally and physically strong and to deal with the pressures of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and maintain a bully free environment in their community. Art has the capacity to make people stop, look and listen. CMMS students have a voice!
Art Contest:

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE STUDENTS for their participation in the Red Ribbon Week Art Contest. This was a hard decision, we have so many talented artists at CMMS and I appreciate all of the time and effort that went into all of the artwork.

Slideshow of contestants

    I am so proud to announce the winners of the Red Ribbon Week Art Contest:

    Drugs are a Nightmare

    8th Grade Olivia Zimmerman (nightmare)

    Don't do Drugs

    7th Grade Bradley Strowzewski (Skeleton)

    Blow Away Drugs

    6th Grade Rey Bernadino (Blown away)