CMMS Annual Summer Reading Book Chat

    Photos by Mynah McClendon and Jeremy White

    Every CMMS student was required to read a novel and complete a reading project over the summer. The 6th graders read 'Ungifted', the 7th graders read 'Countdown, and the 8th graders read 'The Watsons Go to Birmingham'.

    All the students worked in their Language and Literature classes to prepare for a Socratic Seminar. The students did an amazing job analyzing the text, drawing inferences, supporting their ideas with textual evidence, and most importantly respectfully listening to one another. Way to go CMMS!

    "I like the Socratic seminar because we were able to say what we thought and we could disagree without getting in trouble."
    - Taylor Hawkins, Team 7C

    "I think we learned a lot more talking about the book together in class than reading it at home during the summer. I liked that we all got to share our opinions about the chapters and the book. I really hope we do the Socratic Seminar Circle again this year!"
    -Tahir Williams, Team 7B

    "I loved the Socratic Seminar because we got to agree and disagree with people. I thought it was interesting and new."
    - Rylee Baker, Team 7C