Spelling Bee

Nadia Perdue Places Fourth in Will County Spelling Bee
by: Carissa Jones-Crete Monee Middle School


On March 7th, 2017, Nadia Perdue, an eighth grader here at Crete-Monee Middle School, placed fourth in the Will County spelling bee at Lockport East HS. She was one of forty seven competitors and made it to the thirteenth round.

When asked about her experience she had all good things to say. Her inspiration was her own will to succeed. At her elementary school she never made it farther than the school bee, she wanted to throw her hat in the race this year for nostalgia’s sake. She practiced all the time, especially while waiting for her sister to finish gymnastics practice. Her losing word in the bee was “reimburse” which was obviously her most difficult. Her favorite word is Weissnichtwo which is German and is an imaginary land in a literary work.

When asked what advice she’d give someone wishing to participate in a spelling bee she responded “Don’t stress yourself out, don’t react negatively to a misstep; you can learn from your mistakes.”